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>> Our History

Facility was established Arab Food Industries in 1970 and started production since that date the management of its founder Mohammed Khair almounajed in chocolate industry .. And after 5 years of success and development have been added (Alpfk) Appetizers food industry Was the introduction of new machinery and production equipment based on its work on product development and is worth mentioning that the raw materials were carefully pick which led to the acquisition of the company's good reputation with customers. Been bringing the modern machines and sophisticated contributed to the jump in the quantity and quality of the company's production led to the spread of the name of the company more broadly in the local market and Arab here emerged the urgent need to create a wider plant .. Thus, we add the potato industry, potato chips and billet products for established and biscuits bath. The experiences of the facility in the food industry more than 45 years and this helped to add to the name of the Arab and fame spread more of their products And development work still continues day after day in order to keep pace with the spirit of the times and the requirements of the domestic market and the Arab world, the familiar with the history of the Arab facility for the manufacture of chocolate is fully aware that the experience of parents carrying children with honesty and sincerity .