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>> A. History of chocolate

Cacao tree Cacao, a small evergreen tree height of 4-8 meters is native to South America. Seeds used in the
manufacture of cocoa and chocolate.
Today we are addressing a piece of chocolate or a cup of cocoa without the slightest interest, but these things were 300 years ago a kind of luxury dear in many of the country, and was only the rich can afford to drink cocoa. The trade chocolate at that time limited to the Spaniards who were in the produce colonies of tropical America, could not be obtained only by them, or from smugglers or pirates. Even in Mexico where the chocolates are made during the rule of reason in something a luxury
Chocolate grows on the tree continental evergreen tree known as "cocoa" that the seeds are harvested from different sources for all products, including cocoa and chocolate
It was a tree growing in the wild areas of the tropics in South America since 4000 years BC.
Featuring cocoa tree leaves between the petition and grows up to 7.5 m high and similar to the cocoa seeds or grain to a large extent almonds.
When the Indians made (the Maya) in their migration to Mexico in the seventeenth century BC, were the first trees planted cocoa seeds and used as money for exchange and also to pay tribute. For the Aztec cacao seeds as money and food items. By the seventeenth century became shops chocolate in England comparable to coffee shops in popularity, and in 1765 opened the first factory of chocolate in the colony of Massachusetts, and after about sixty years later, chemical Dutch "Konrad Van Hutton," the invention of presses, cocoa, thus enabling manufacturers of candy do Sweets chocolate mix butter cocoa powder with sugar.
Places that grow the cacao tree:
Central America: Mexico, Costa Rica
West Indies: Jamaica, Haiti
South America: Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil
Africa: Nigeria, Ghana, Madagascar, Congo, Cameroon

The original home of the cacao tree is a tropical rain forest in South America, and can be grown in any tropical country, there are a rich soil and good drainage in the abundance of moisture throughout the year, it will not grow up in the tropical zone if more headroom for about 832 meters. And the harvest season starts from October to March in Ghana produces trees at two pounds of dried cocoa per tree per year, if planted at 360 trees per acre. And continue in production about 40 years.

Harvesting and processing
Deduct the fruit of the plant with a knife in particular, and crushed to separate the seeds from the milk, and fermentation of seeds and dried as described above, and thus become the seeds dry, ready for transport to the factory, where cleaned and roasted in rotating cylinders. And then break the roasted seeds into small pieces, separating the crusts from the heart of the process of winnowing seeds and then grind the pulp pieces, known as Nibs between rotating cylinders, turning to the mass of semi-liquid, because of the oil, called Haniiz cocoa mass. And as of this stage vary treatment according to the required product, chocolate or cocoa, is still about half the oil or butter Alkako by pressure, then grind strange land, which produces the mixture well, shows the cylinder rotary are made of stone, and making chocolate milk, add milk powder or condensed , and kept the mixture warm somewhat during the process. In this last phase is the focus of the mixture, so that it freezes when it cools


  • Benefits of chocolate:-

Prolong life: Studies have shown that the average age is longer than the chocolate lovers who do not eat at all.
- Gives a sense of happiness: the impact effect is similar to the chemical, which happens to lovers of romantic love in addition to chocolate that affect areas in the brain to move on and raise high emotions and a sense of complacency.
- Prevention: chocolate improves the performance of antioxidant defenses against situations of tension resulting from the oxidation of factors such as air pollution, smoking and UV rumors.
- Prevent ulcers: specialists have discovered that antioxidants found in chocolate comparable to those found in drugs for ulcers.
- Good for the heart and blood: studies have shown some experimental animals learned that the cocoa powder to help prevent the oxidation of harmful cholesterol.
And d indicates. Wolfensohn that some kinds of chocolate more useful than other species, Fbodrp cocoa which contains twice the amount of antioxidants of dark chocolate is the best article on the species ever, followed by chocolate Gentlemen